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The Divine Public School-DPS

Divine Public School, Barkatha, Hazaribagh is managed by "DIVINE KALYAN KENDRA". This is a co- educational English medium school situated in the center of Barkatha town. The school imparts education from Nursery to the Tenth Level. It is affiliating to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, and is fulfiling all the terms and conditions provided by Central Board of Secondary Examination, New Delhi.

Our prime concern is to provide excellence in education and holistic development for your child. Our teaching methodology has a strong focus on putting your child in the perfect position to get the right status in society. Being a reputed established educational institution, you are rest assured of having entrusted your child in safe handsthat will mould your child as an efficient and eminent citizen. Provide your child the best opportunity to acquire knowledge and extraordinary skill, the right way at the right place ie at DPS.

DPS Profile

DPS is the only organization which has set high standards in education while maintaining a balance between Vedic wisdom and modernity. DPS's main pillars-

Director - I.P. Bharti

Principal - Mr. Kamlesh Kumar ( M.A, B.Ed. )

Mission & Goals

DPS Mission and Goals are- to empower women through education. With this, to support the weaker finance and maintain their potential framework. To sensitize individuals towards social welfare.

From the Desk of Director

The DPS Initiative is deeply rooted in the fertile grounds of knowledge. Our philosophy grows from knowledge and spreads out like branches in every direction, thus providing shelter to all seeking knowledge.
It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with Divine Public School. This school will tap the potential and talent of today’s hightech generation by imparting the knowledge and vision to look beyond the horizon. The efforts will be made to build patriotic global citizens to be pride of our country. Divine Public School will become a gateway for the global citizens of tomorrow because the future lies in the hands of those young people currently embarking upon their educational journey. The primary objective of the school is to offer students contemporary and progressive school at par with the international standards. The school is fully equipped with the required facilities. It is our duty to nurture the skills, concepts and attitudes of the youngsters entrusted to our care.

From the Desk of Principal

In our culturally plural society, education should foster universal and internal values oriented towards the unity and integration of our people. Such value education should help eliminate obscurantism, religious fanaticism, violence, superstition, and fatalism. The most important and urgent reform needed is to transform the existing system of education in order to strengthen national unity, promote social integration, accelerate economic growth and generate moral, social & spiritual values.
The School has always seen quality education as first priority, thus, ensuring the academic rigour, institute-industry interface and overall personality development of the students. Consistent efforts are made for bringing in refinement in everything that concerns the Institution.