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Our Instruction

Our Instruction is empower students to thrive in an environment that demands standards of conduct, ethical behaviour, integrity, spiritual values, community service and competition.

Our Support

To empower women through education. With this, to support the weaker finance and maintain their potential framework. To sensitize individuals towards social welfare.

Our Guarantee

To face the global challenge of Modern education and verify its heritage. To provide schematic opportunities to curious and achieve upon top entractive roles. To build a world of creative thinkers.

Our Reliability

To provide systematic manner of action and confidence. To perceive overall meaning and act of performance. To illuminate the Skill & Intelligence of unbrighten affairs.

ExpertDivine Public School

Divine Public School focuses on five fundamentals for development of Expert Students: Academic excellence, Character Development, Leadership, Personal Motivation, Physical Development

QualityDivine Public School

Our Quality in creating leaders. By exploring and creating an environment filled with modern trends and a strong value system, we forever maintain a fair blend of tradition and modernity.

GoalDivine Public School

To develop individuals who are morally upright, intellectually well-informed, socially concerned, emotionally balanced, physically well-developed and culturally accomplished.

VisionsDivine Public School

To provide a wide range of holistic education by homogenizing the western knowledge while remaining anchored to the Indian cultural moorings. To sensitize individuals towards social welfare.